Why do you NEED health Insurance?

You may have asked yourself this question many times. Perhaps you’re young and seemingly healthy. Maybe you began the process of  looking, but couldn’t find an affordable plan, so you brushed it off as a luxury.  Or it could just seem like more trouble than its worth. In any event, your decision is grounded in the same belief: “I just don’t need it.”

This belief, however, could not be further from the truth, let’s look at some of the reasons why a health insurance plan is not only affordable and accessible; but a smart financial decision that could save you from a lifetime of troubling debt.

1. Affordable Plans

Happy husband and wife read good news online at laptop, smiling man holding documents receiving positive decision from bankGood Faith Health Insurance is a small, independently owned and operated business that was started with the goal of educating clients and providing them with honest, customized service that the giant corporations simply can’t provide. Together we will discuss your needs and can build a healthcare package that’s catered specifically to you. By trimming the excess bells and whistles, analyzing your medical history, and placing you in a network of doctors and specialists that are right for your needs, you’ll find a plan that is more appropriate for you than the larger corporate brokers can provide.


2. High Risks for the Uninsured – The numbers don’t lie.

The New England Journal of Medicine says “There is abundant evidence that having health insurance improves financial security.” And that in one study, those who were randomly selected for an insurance program “experienced major gains in financial well-being as compared with those who were not selected: a $390 average decrease in the amount of medical bills sent to collection and a virtual elimination of catastrophic out-of-pocket expenses.” Other studies showed a reduction in bill collections and bankruptcies. All of this proves that having health insurance protects against unexpected medical costs.


3. Chronic Care

The same article underscores that “the effects of coverage are particularly important for people with chronic conditions, a vulnerable high-cost population.” Expanding healthcare coverage improves the health of those with chronic, treatable conditions. High blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels are better managed, and chronic lung conditions like COPD and asthma are more quickly diagnosed and treated. And cancer, one of the leading causes of death in the United States, is discovered more quickly and more effectively cared for in patients with health insurance than the uninsured. A nurse told healthline.org “that lung cancer surgery can cost $40,000.”  Having health insurance will help reduce costs.


4. Surprise Injury 

Having insurance isn’t just for disease prevention and treatment. Sudden, unexpected injuries can cause damage that upends your whole life. Workplace or auto accidents, as well as sports injuries affect unsuspecting people every day. These can be costly incidents, and they always come without warning. Being insured in case of sudden medical emergencies can help you focus on healing without having to worry about life changing debt.

5. Pandemic Protection

portrait of male doctor holding thermometer in glovesAs Covid-19 continues to spread across the globe, we are coming to understand just how quickly contagions can reach us. Typically, these are minor enough to recover from, and the more dangerous diseases like Ebola and MERS have been contained to small regional outbreaks. But the novel coronavirus shows us that new diseases can spread and surprise us with their debilitating illness. and can affect people in very different ways. Ultimately, an extended stay in the hospital can decrease an individuals income as well as land them in hot water with a large hospital bill. Hospital visits can be costly, setting up years of medical debt. With a health insurance plan, you can avoid illness and protect your financial future.



It’s human nature to behave as if these instances won’t affect us. But waiting until illness or injury occurs is too risky when there are affordable insurance plans out there available to you. A simple phone call today can end up saving you thousands of dollars on an average year, and potentially much more should the unexpected happen. So reach out to Good Faith Health Insurance today and take charge of your health and your future!