The Affordable Care Act is our nation’s attempt to provide health insurance plans through the federal government. One glance at the plans they have to offer, and you’ll see why I call them “UNaffordable Care Act plans”. Premiums are high, coverage is limited, and you’re unlikely to meet your deductible unless you have a high cost medical issue. Not only that, but the window to sign up is extremely limited: for most states (including Georgia), open enrollment for the ACA marketplace is only from November 1st to December 15th. Better known as the beginning of the Holiday Season, or the busiest, most stressful, and most expensive time of year for most Americans.

So if you, like millions of others across the country, have missed the December 15th deadline and weren’t able to sign up, or couldn’t find a plan you could afford, are you out of luck until next year? Are you stuck paying all of your medical bills out of pocket until November??

Fortunately, no! For a quality healthcare coverage that’s actually affordable, look no further than Good Faith Health Insurance. With coverage that’s tailored to your specific medical needs, you’ll find lower premiums and deductibles that you can reach. there’s no window of time where you need to sign up. Every day that you go uninsured is a risk to your health and your financial stability, so why should you have to wait until a small designated window each year to procure coverage? You can call us today and be insured in no time.

So if you’re stressed about missing the window for open enrollment, don’t worry. You may have dodged a bullet! You can find a stronger, more affordable plan with Good Faith Health Insurance. Click here and reach out today!