Medical Cost Sharing & Indemnity Plans

What are medical cost sharing plans?

Medical cost sharing plans are plans where a group of like-minded people agree to come together and help each other pay for medical expenses. These are regulations defined by the sponsoring entity of the plans that define what is and is not covered. 

We are proud to offer Sedera Health as an option for both individuals as a standalone product, as well as employer groups. Please check out the below video that displays how the plans work. If you’re interested, please contact us for more information, or you can use the button below the video to sign up!

In tandem with Sedera Health, we also partnered with Redirect Health that complements Sedera with affordable plans that cover your smaller expenses associated with everyday illnesses or accidents. 

Medical Supplemental Plans: A good fit for you?

Medical supplemental plans can offer you affordability along with flexibility to choose your own doctors. These plans are medically underwritten plans and “a-la-carte” that allow you to customize them to fit your needs and budget. These plans are designed for individuals and families without preexisting conditions or willing to go through a written underwriting exam.

Some of the questions located on the medical underwriting form include: Cancer in last 3 years; Stroke or Heart Attack; Ongoing Chronic Diseases; etc.

Due to the nature of the underwriting, these plans allow you to acquire rates drastically less expensive than traditional products – if you qualify. Similar to short-term plans, these plans have limitations as to what they do and do not cover.