Medical Insurance

Benefits of Offering Health Insurance

to Your Employees/Family

Health insurance benefits are a great incentive for maintaining talented employees.

It needs to be noted that no business has to offer health insurance; The Affordable Care Act (ACA) previously mandated that large employers (50+ full-time equivalent employees) have to offer a group ACA compliant plan. Otherwise paying a penalty; many individuals and companies discovered this when filing their taxes. This law is no longer in effect for tax season 2019.

Even if an employer is not mandated to offer coverage, health insurance benefits are a great incentive for maintaining talented employees under your employ as well as offering other benefits.

Our Motto

 “Healthcare Consulting on a Personalized Level

and at Good Faith that is exactly what
we believe in.

Pros of Offering Your Employees Health Insurance

  • Keep the top talent for your company
  • Tax advantages on Income and Payroll
  • Ensuring the safety and wellness of your workers
  • If your workers utilize their health insurance benefits for on-the-job injuries it won’t affect your worker’s comp.
  • Utilize Premium payments as a business expense
  • Receive a Tax Credit in addition to a Deduction

Working with The Right People

With Good Faith Health Insurance you work with the agent of your choice who will actively try to find the right fit for you, your family, or your business. As independent agents we-are-able-to find products with different carriers in order to keep premiums low and the quality of the product high.

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