Affordable healthcare sometimes seems like an elusive urban legend. You hear stories about it. People swear they’ve seen it. But when you fire up your search engines and start looking in all the logical places, it’s nowhere to be found. Americans are worried about the cost of their healthcare, and with good reason. Fortunately, at Good Faith Health Insurance, our mission is to find the best plans for our individual and small business clients alike. We work with you to design a plan that suits your unique needs, and provide guidance for your options in both private individual plans and ACA compliant group plans. Whether you’re looking for a basic preventative plan, or you have unique pre-existing conditions, we can find coverage that will support you and your health at a cost you can actually afford.

woman with laptop frustrated by paperworkBut most Americans simply haven’t discovered a healthcare company that truly benefits them. The major industry giants don’t have the focus to cater to your unique needs, and individual prices in the Affordable Care Act marketplace are often way less affordable than the name implies. It seems that many Americans are uninsured simply because of this daunting, discouraging hunt.

But what has happened since the COVID-10 pandemic?!  Among the key concerns we have is that we won’t be able to afford the care we need if we become sick. According to the US Census Bureau, 27 million Americans did not have health insurance in 2018. With current healthcare costs growing every year, it’s no wonder that our citizens group concerns of their well-being to their wallets.

You need health insurance that you can afford, and despite everything you may have seen on the market to date, it can be yours! From coverage for unexpected accidents and injuries to peace of mind that if you get sick, you will be able to afford treatment, Good Faith Health Insurance will work with you, one-on-one to build a plan that’s right for you. Reach out to us today and together we’ll make sure that you have the support you need to navigate the waters of todays healthcare.