Good Faith Consulting

About Good Faith Consulting

Good Faith Consulting, LLC began in 2015 when an acquaintance of the owner, Brianna Johnson, passed away unexpectedly. She saw a great need to begin educating both herself and others when it came to their insurance and she began working primarily with banks to find insurance for individuals with unusual and sometimes life-threatening pre-existing conditions. From that point on, she began working with small businesses and helping families find the right coverage for their specific needs.

Our Motto

 “Healthcare Consulting on a Personalized Level

and at Good Faith that is exactly what
we believe in.

Finding the best fit for our clients…

At Good Faith we partner with like-minded business owners and individuals to find the best fit for our clients, whether that’s collaborating on the business growth or helping guide them through their own, individual health plan. We specialize in consulting with small business owners; strategizing with their budget when it comes to their specific health insurance needs. And educating them on what their options are, whether that’s with an ACA compliant group plan. Or whether an individual plan makes more sense for their specific needs.

Talk To Us

If you have questions or concerns about your current health plan, please give one of our professional health agents a call!

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