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Brianna Johnson, Owner of Good Faith Health Insurance, pictured with her family.

A Lifesaving Gift

When Brianna Johnson met with 27 year-old Laura about life insurance for the first time in 2019, she was stunned to hear Laura say she wasn’t planning on living very long due to the cost of her medications. Without them, she would slowly die.

At the time, Brianna was working as a financial advisor, and Laura had a health condition that was killing her slowly.  She need medication that cost anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000 per injection. Brianna was licensed but didn’t have a lot of experience in the health insurance field.

So she got to work and started looking for assistance. She discovered most health agents worked on large groups only, but if they worked with individuals, they could work only with “healthy” ones. Brianna decided to take this matter into her own hands and was able to find a government program that would provide Laura’s medication for only $45 per injection. Laura immediately started getting better.

It has been six years, and Laura is married and lives in Kennesaw with her husband and three boys. According to her husband, “(Brianna) saved her life, and I am forever grateful for (her) help.”

Brianna and her husband Greg knew they were onto something when, 3 years into their business, this dynamic duo were winning awards, speaking at conferences and helping many more people like Laura. In 2021, Brianna was awarded Agent of the Year by one of their carriers and is the only woman in the Southeast to have one that title with that carrier.


What the Company Does

It was through this experience with Laura that Good Faith Health Insurance was founded. The mission is to help guide families, seniors, and individuals with their health insurance without it costing them an arm and a leg.

Greg is the operations manager of the business, and Brianna id the sales manager. They live in Cherokee County with their 1 year-old son and are expecting their second baby in January. Greg and Brianna come from very large families and are faithful churchgoers.

“Although we fail sometimes, we strive to run our home and our business on Christian values,” the couple said. “As such, we typically don’t charge anything for our services unless it’s during the open enrollment season, but even then, it’s only a $50 fee. Sometimes, 50 bucks can make the difference between owing thousands of dollars and saving thousands of dollars.”

Good Faith Health Insurance specializes in consulting with small-business owners and strategizing within their budget, whether that’s a Marketplace plan, an individual private PPO plan or a share plan. When it comes to seniors, “Good Faith works very closely to make sure folks have the right fit, long term,” Brianna said.

“With all the uncertainty in life, it’s important to have someone who can guide and direct you when it comes to your health insurance,” she said. “And making sure you have someone to review your policy annually is equally important.”


Our Motto

 “Healthcare Consulting on a Personalized Level

and at Good Faith that is exactly what
we believe in.

Finding the best fit for our clients…

At Good Faith we partner with like-minded business owners and individuals to find the best fit for our clients, whether that’s collaborating on the business growth or helping guide them through their own, individual health plan. We specialize in consulting with small business owners; strategizing with their budget when it comes to their specific health insurance needs. And educating them on what their options are, whether that’s with an ACA compliant group plan. Or whether an individual plan makes more sense for their specific needs.

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